Welcome to Greater London Walks, where you can find a series of walks to help you explore London. Follow them on your phone or, if you prefer, copy and paste the text into Word and print it out.

There are also irregular blogs about everything and nothing, free short stories, and a novel which costs all of 2.32.

Big Ben

London Walks

Westminster - If you have time for only one walk then this is the one.

City and Strand - The heart of the financial capital and Wren's St Paul's.

Chelsea - A place where Londoners live - if they can afford to.

Hammersmith and Chiswick - A personal favourite of mine.

Kensington - Contrasting parks, a palace and fine residences.

Regent's Park - The original Regency style set beside the park.


and more London Walks...

City and Spitalfields - Where the docks and East End meet the City.

Richmond - A riverside town which has preserved its character, pictured here.

Bloomsbury - Education and elegance mix in the West End.

Bayswater - A residential area bordering Hyde Park.

Maps Book


Always take a book of maps with you, or use Google Maps on your phone. Proper maps are better than even the best sketch maps in walks books, and you always end up referring to them. The walks notes don't include sketch maps for that reason. But here are suggestions where to buy books of maps, and which are the best.


Here are recommendations for some excellent London walks books.


The Blog

You will find good advice in my blogs: stop maintaining your house, build an ark, and don't read the wording on signs.

I make no apology if my love of London shows through in some of the writing (and the picture on the left).



Short stories, some set in the eighteenth century, others in modern London with a grittier texture. There's also a selection of stories by other authors.

My novel 'Rat in the Soup' is a tale of passion, crime and dubious food. Can smooth Simon Harcourt save the great Washpond's Food company from its chief executive's decisions? Will Simon's cavalier attitude to women survive, or might one of them bring him under the thumb? Warning: contains strong women and may be disturbing to men of a nervous disposition. Read the first chapter here.

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