Silent Student
She might have been grateful for my attention, and content to listen.

Still Somehow
No-one but me remembers counting green notes onto a dirty table, in the street of peeling stucco.

The Colombian Lawyer
There was, said Ralph, a distance between the law and the reality of justice.

Sentences From Afar
Communication was once more difficult, but perhaps that wasn't always a disadvantage.

Rough Concrete
Up in the tower block you can see there ain't nowhere better, and you can't believe in nothing.

The Humble Priest
Ogbert decides to be the humblest priest in the Kingdom of Menasha.

Buried Treasure
Reaching out for a connection with the past.

Sirens and Lovers
Was James the only person to understand? He hadn't found the answer.

Face With No Name
The artist had, I was convinced, allowed the person to appear truthfully.

In These Streets
We are shaped by the past, but a man must account for what he has done.