A writersí group provides an opportunity for authorsí work to be reviewed by fellow writers. There are many of them throughout the UK, and this one meets monthly at Green Street Green, which is in the London Borough of Bromley.

Each attendee reads out his or her own work, either an extract from a novel, or a complete short story, and the others make what they hope are helpful comments. Typically theyíll highlight parts which worked especially well, but also question aspects which might lead the writer to review what he or she has written. Itís unusual to go away without some ideas for improvement.

Thereís a certain skill to commenting in a constructive way, and in the end itís up to the writer to decide whether or not to use the suggestions.

Those with long memories can recall past members who were hilariously clumsy with their criticism, but a strength of the group today is the sensitivity with which it treats an authorís delicately cherished work. On the other hand, a certain primitive savagery does surface at coffee break, when thereís competition for the chocolate biscuits.

Published output from the current members includes a couple of novels, and some short stories, while most of the members are, in the classic phrase, yet to score. There are two short story competition wins lurking in there too.

You may be reading this in Bangalore or Nebraska, but in the unlikely event you live near Green Street Green and are looking to join a writing group, you could use this contact link to get in touch.